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In a series of KISS MASK Archive Interviews, Mark Cooper sat down with Bruce Kulick in August, which first appeared in the September 11, 1989 issue (#3) of Kiss Mask Magazine. In celebration of Bruce's birthday yesterday, we bring you Bruce Kulick!

What are you doing in most recent days? Do you feel to hit the road again?
I'm writing and recuperating. Writing great songs with Paul, Gene and Adam (Mitchell) and mending my collar bone. It broke in a car accident. I wasn't in one though! A car hit me crossing a street.
(Editor's Note: Bruce broke his collar bone after being hit by a car, over the summer, while in Los Angeles during a break with KISS.)

What do you enjoy/hate most about touring?
...Love playing for our fans. A new city every day.

What are some projects that you would like to do while in KISS? Outside of KISS?
Maybe some session work, writing music and produce some bands.

How long have you known each member of KISS?
Paul the longest... ten years or so. Eric and Gene six years.

What has been the most valuable lesson learned (so far) in KISS?
Go for it and burn! Do what you're great at, the best you can.

Can you sing well? Do you think you'll get a chance to sing (lead) while in KISS?
Not really. My backround singing is a help, but the lead singing stays in the shower!

What KISS songs are you most proud of co-writing?
"King of the Mountian," "Hell Or High Water," "No,No,No."

Whom do you have the best relationship with in KISS?
All members about the same, although Eric and I get to spend a lot of time together.

Do you plan on producing other artists?
Yes. The first group I worked with 'Electric Angels' will be singed to Atlantic Records soon!!

What do you see in KISS' future?
More albums, tours and lots of fun with the guys and our fans.

What was it like to play in MeatLoaf?
We toured for a year. What an extreme personality so I learned a lot.

What are your fondest memories of playing in BlackJack?
Opening for Peter Frampton for thousands of screaming girls!!
-Bruce Kulick

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